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5 Reasons To Use Perpetuem

Go longer & simplify The longer you plan to go out for, usually the more complicated and confusing the food question gets. Well with Perpetuem, we’ve developed a method and menu that is dependable, adaptable, and efficient when both time and cost are factored in. The beauty and simplicity of Perpetuem is that bottles and flasks can be mixed thicker and reserved as fuel sources, adding bars, gels, fruits, and veggies when you want to chew for a change. There is a lot of adaptability with Perpetuem since it can be your sole fuel source for 6+ hours, or a partial fuel source...

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HEED - the "not pop" sports drink!

BY STEVE BORN Unless you’ve been living under a rock for an awful long time, you know that pop (aka soda and soft drinks) is just plain bad for you. Unfortunately, most of the sports drinks currently available are just as bad—if not worse—as sodas. A quick look at the ingredient list confirms this: Refined sugar (glucose, sucrose, fructose) – BAD! High fructose corn syrup – BAD! Copious amounts of citric acid – BAD! Excess salt – BAD! Artificial ingredients – BAD! This is precisely why, a bit over 16 years ago, we stepped up to the plate to make...

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BY STEVE BORN We're three months into the new year, and many of us have already been ramping up our training volume and intensity in preparation for the long season ahead. And with more events actually happening “live” this year, enthusiasm is revving on high. Before you begin consistently putting in double-digit hours of training each week—and most definitely if you’re already there—it is essential to get your body's joints, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue nutritionally prepped for the escalating workload. If you haven’t added one of our Tissue Rejuvenator formulas to your regimen, start right now! The reason? Because...

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Complex Carbs – Still the Quality Choice

A closer look at the science reveals the truth about this critical aspect of sports nutritionBy: Steve BornBENEFITS OF COMPLEX CARBS OVER SIMPLE SUGARS Rapid energy (GI rating of 100, same as glucose). During exercise and immediately after, that is EXACTLY what you want. Longer-lasting energy (no “flash and crash,” “piece of paper on fire” effect) More calories can be efficiently digested from complex carbs than from simple sugar Less potential for stomach distress Athletes know that carbohydrates are king when it comes to fueling during exercise. Unfortunately, choosing a fuel with the right carbohydrate continues to be immensely frustrating...

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A full-fledged cramping episode can ruin your workout and leave you locked up in near paralytic pain. If you’ve ever been there, that’s a bridge you want to cross only one time. If you’ve never been there, you want to keep it that way. So you need to pay extra attention to one important aspect of your fueling—electrolyte replenishment. We’ve said this many times because it’s true: electrolytes are like the motor oil in your car; they don't make the engine run, but they're absolutely necessary to keep everything running smoothly. Proper functioning of the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, and muscular...

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