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Are There Any Products That Contain Animal-Derived Ingredients?

Hammer Whey and Recoverite contain dairy-derived whey protein isolate. The Nocciola (Hazelnut-Chocolate) flavor of Hammer Gel contains a small amount of milk as part of the hazelnut paste. These are the only fuels to contain animal-derived nutrients. It's important to note that none of the Hammer Bars or Hammer Vegan Protein Bars contain any ingredient from animal sources; they are all 100% vegan-friendly. The Hammer Bars that contain chocolate Chocolate Chip, Coconut Chocolate Chip and the Chocolate Peanut Hammer Vegan Protein Bar are not listed as "Certified Vegan" because the manufacturer makes them on shared equipment that also makes dairy chocolate. According to the manufacturer, the bars are made...

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KEEPING PREMIXED BOTTLES OF SUSTAINED ENERGY OR PERPETUEM COLD AT SPECIAL NEEDS Thanks to Al Lyman and Tony McCray for these tips! If you're doing an iron distance triathlon and are making a multi-hour bottle of SE or Perpetuem for use during the second half of the bike course, the challenge you face for a hot-weather race is how to keep that second bottle cold. An ideal way to do achieve this is to wrap the bottle in a damp/wet face cloth or dish towel, and then freeze it the night before the race. The damp/wet towel literally sticks to...

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Choosing between Sustained Energy and Perpetuem is really based on your personal preference. Sustained Energy - This is our time-tested standard fuel for extended exercise. As explained in other articles in this handbook, any exercise beyond about two hours requires a protein component in the fuel. Sustained Energy contains about 87% carbohydrates (almost all from maltodextrin and glucose polymers-no added simple sugars, of course), and about 13 % isolated soy protein (7:1 ratio), the ideal combination to use when rate of exercise is between 70-85% MHR in "sustained" efforts lasting anywhere from 3-12 hours. Perpetuem - This newer product takes the concept...

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PASSING EVERY ATHLETIC TEST FOR 17 YEARS AND COUNTING BY STEVE BORN In early 2003, Hammer Nutrition introduced a long-distance fuel with the same beneficial ingredients and features as the time-tested Sustained Energy formula (introduced in 1992), plus some additional ingredients that provided even more benefits. That fuel was named Perpetuem (think “perpetual motion”). And since its introduction over a decade-and-a-half ago, it has passed every conceivable test that endurance athletes could throw at it. You name the event, and chances are Perpetuem has not only been there but also conquered it! PERPETUEM’S FIRST CONQUEST During my record-setting back-to-back crossing...

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Happy 16th Birthday, HEED!

THE CREATION STORY OF HAMMER NUTRITION’S SUPERIOR SPORTS DRINK BY STEVE BORN Sixteen years ago, Brian informed those of us involved in any aspect of product development that it was time to make the best sports drink possible. It was time to tangibly answer the ever-increasing cries of “Can anyone make a sports drink that’s not loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients and doesn’t taste syrupy sweet?” It was an ambitious goal but one we were very confident we could reach. After taste testing more formulation prototypes than we care to remember, we nailed it. I mean, NAILED IT. The...

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