Event Sponsorship

From a fun-run with only a handful of participants, all the way up to a triathlon with a thousand athletes, we're here to help! Thank you for considering Hammer Nutrition Canada to support your aid station needs.

Our standard event offering is as follows:

  • For the organizer, a one-time 50% discount on fueling products
  • A 15% promotional code to share with your athletes

Please reach out to service@hammernutrition.ca with a little bit of background on your event. You may inquire at any time of the year. 


Commonly asked questions

Can you provide our event with a cash sponsorship? How about product in-kind?

Unfortunately, no. We decided a few years ago to standardize our offering as it enabled a much quicker turnaround. It also allowed us to get behind smaller events that would not normally receive such support. As a result, the number of organizers that use Hammer products has increased significantly.

How long does it take to get our promo codes?

Events Team will get back to you same day. 

I need X amount of a certain product but don't see it online?

If you are looking for more than what you see online, please contact Service to see if a special order can be placed. The key is to get your order in sooner than later. Shipments from the U.S. can take a few weeks.

What does your team require in return?

Nothing! That said, it's always nice to get some love on social media.