Uses for Hammer Phood

By Brian Frank

Now that we offer a true meal replacement product (MRP), many of you have been asking how to use it or incorporate it into your daily routine to good effect. Do keep in mind that this product was developed for athletes like me—who despite many hours a week of cardio training and a healthy diet, still have an extra 5,10, or 15 pounds of excess body fat that provides additional insulation in winter, but not much other benefit. If you are already super lean, have a hummingbird mentabolism, Hammer PHOOD can and should be used in a different way—see below.

During the development of Hammer PHOOD, I tested three different methods that resulted in slow, medium, and fast fat loss. Actually four if you count the 72 hour fast I did on 3 servings a day of PHOOD. I don’t recommend this unless done under the close guidance and supervision of a healthcare professional.


For this test, I replaced breakfast with a serving of PHOOD. Still eat my normal lunch and dinner. No snacking after dinner. Depending on what you normally eat for breakfast, this represents a reduction of 250–300 in daily calories. This is mostly for convenience, but if practiced diligently, will result in leaning out a bit.


For this test I substituted a serving of PHOOD for dinner. Not my favorite way of eating, but by eating normal breakfast and lunch, then just PHOOD for dinner, my rate of weight loss increased noticeably, but there was a huge compromise of being a spectator at dinner! I like dinner too much to use this method for more than a week or two at a time.


In this scenario, I am fasting until 11, having a serving of PHOOD for lunch. Then, regular dinner between 6 and 7 p.m. I have found this scenario to be my favorite as dinner time is social time. Once I reached my desired weight/BMI, I just switched to normal lunch and dinner, always limiting starchy carbs, but going big on high water content vegetables and greens.


 There is a great application for those of you who are on the other side of the spectrum. If you don’t eat constantly, you lose weight! For you, intermittent fasting is not necessary, eating three square meals a day is a must and some solid snacks in between your meals are a must. This is where PHOOD comes in. The rich, high protein/fat formula provides satiety for hours and gives your furnace an excellent slow burning fuel. As a mid morning or mid afternoon snack, PHOOD can be an effective tool for you to protect against muscle cannibalization an ever-present concern for aging Ectomorphs.

Disclaimer—This article is intended for information purposes only. Before beginning any diet modification, calorie restricting or intermittent fasting program, you should consult a qualified healthcare professional.


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