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Digest Caps

Digest Caps

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Probiotics for improved performance
  • Helps improve intestinal well-being
  • Helps in the reduction of ammonia levels and effects of fatigue
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Probiotics for improved performance
  • 60 capsules per bottle

    Containing substantial amounts of five potent strains of healthy bacteria, Digest Caps helps maintain a healthy digestive system by tilting the balance of intestinal flora in favor of the “good guys.” Daily use of Digest Caps helps ward off the negative impact to the digestive system that occurs from infections, poor diet, stress, antibiotics, overuse of NSAIDs, and more.

    How To Use

    Take 2 capsules with meals or as directed.


    Additional Information


    L. Plantarum – A healthy bacteria commonly found in fermented products including sauerkraut, pickles, and brined olives, among others.

    L. Acidophilus DDS-1 – A strain of the probiotic L. acidophilus, considered to be of the highest quality, potency, and stability.

    L. Casei – A beneficial bacteria found naturally in the mouth and intestines of human beings.

    B. Bifidum and B. Longum – Two bacterial strains found within the human body, they are first introduced at birth through breast-feeding.


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