A full-fledged cramping episode can ruin your workout and leave you locked up in near paralytic pain. If you’ve ever been there, that’s a bridge you want to cross only one time. If you’ve never been there, you want to keep it that way.

So you need to pay extra attention to one important aspect of your fueling—electrolyte replenishment. We’ve said this many times because it’s true: electrolytes are like the motor oil in your car; they don't make the engine run, but they're absolutely necessary to keep everything running smoothly. Proper functioning of the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, and muscular systems—and that last one includes avoiding cramping issues—depends on adequate electrolyte levels.

That’s precisely why, just as you shouldn’t wait until you bonk before you put some calories back into your body or wait until you’re dehydrated before you replenish fluids, you shouldn’t wait for cramps to remind you to take electrolytes. Your fueling regimen should always include these essential minerals to replenish them consistently.

ENDUROLYTES – Superior formulas. Numerous options. You’re covered.

No matter your weight, body type, or fitness level, and no matter what crazy-hard workout you’ve got planned in whatever weather conditions Mother Nature throws at you, one of Hammer Nutrition’s Endurolytes products has you covered!

Endurolytes – Our original full-spectrum formula remains the go-to product for thousands of athletes. Why? Because its precise balance of all the necessary electrolytic minerals works! Endurolytes is supplied in capsules for greater flexibility with your dosing. The low-salt (sodium chloride) content complements a healthy, low-salt diet.

  • Dosing: A good starting point is 1 capsule for every 50-60 pounds of body weight hourly, with the understanding that you can—and should—adjust the dose up or down depending on the intensity of the effort and/or the temperature conditions. Take your first dose 15-30 minutes prior to the start, and dose every hour.

Endurolytes Extreme – If you're a heavy sweater or when the weather conditions are way out of your comfort zone (i.e., hotter and/or more humid than you’re accustomed to), it’s time to confidently tackle those conditions head-on! Endurolytes Extreme contains the same electrolytic minerals as all the Endurolytes formulas; however, each Endurolytes Extreme capsule contains three times more salt (sodium chloride) and potassium as a capsule of Endurolytes, which helps offset higher-than-normal losses of those specific minerals. An interesting note, athletes who consume a high-salt diet likely require Endurolytes Extreme—at least until they lower their salt intake to healthier amounts—as their dietary practice predisposes them to greater salt losses during exercise.

  • Dosing: 1-2 capsules hourly. Take your first dose 15-30 minutes prior to the start, and dose every hour.

Endurolytes Fizz – If capsules aren’t for you, Endurolytes Fizz is what you’re looking for. Add these rapidly dissolving tablets to your water bottle to create a delicious, sugar-free, full-spectrum, effervescent electrolyte drink.

  • Dosing: Each Endurolytes Fizz tablet is roughly equivalent to ½ tablet of encapsulated Endurolytes, so start with ½ tablet for every 50-60 pounds of body weight hourly. Carry additional Endurolytes Fizz tablets or Endurolytes capsules as a backup emergency stash, just in case your pre-mixed dose of Endurolytes Fizz somehow proves to be insufficient.

Endurolytes Extreme Powder – All the benefits of Endurolytes Extreme capsules in an easy-to-mix powder. Endurolytes Extreme Powder dissolves quickly and completely, leaving a subtle, natural watermelon flavor. Consume it in water alone or add it to your liquid fuels according to your unique dosing needs. The mild flavor makes it easy to drink all day, while the lack of residue makes it perfect for hydration packs and bottles of any type.

  • Dosing: 1-2 scoops hourly. Start sipping on your first hour’s bottle 10-15 minutes prior to the start. Carry additional Endurolytes Extreme capsules as a backup emergency stash, just in case your pre-mixed dose of Endurolytes Extreme Powder somehow proves to be insufficient.

We also offer HEED, Hammer Nutrition’s superior sports drink. It contains 110 calories per scoop and the same number of electrolytes found in one Endurolytes capsule. You can use your body weight to determine how much HEED to take. That and the weather conditions will help you decide whether additional Endurolytes capsules are needed on an hourly basis.


Hammer Nutrition's Endurolytes, Endurolytes Fizz, Endurolytes Extreme, and Endurolytes Extreme Powder fulfill the body's electrolytic mineral requirements, thus optimizing numerous bodily functions, enhancing exercise performance, and helping you avoid unpleasant issues associated with electrolyte imbalance or depletion. No matter what the weather throws at you, one of Hammer Nutrition's Endurolytes products has you covered!


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