We routinely receive testimonials such as these:

"There couldn't be better products on the market for diabetics. Thanks for making it possible for me to achieve goals I wouldn't have thought possible without the lows and highs of other products!"
- Jimmy D.

"The other reason I love Hammer products so much is your dedication to being superior products for diabetics. I have two children who have Type 1 diabetes. This is a constant and daily battle for our family. But I know that when my 12 year old swims or hikes, he can have a Hammer Gel or some HEED and it will keep his sugars stable and not spike, causing a potentially dangerous situation."
- Ken W.

In addition, we have an entire "case study" provided as a testimonial by Dr. Marty Reynolds, "Is Hammer Gel a safe carbohydrate for diabetic endurance athletes?" (, which details the positive results his wife, a Type 1 diabetic, had using Hammer Gel. In the article, Dr. Reynolds writes, "We tested ALL gel products and found Hammer Gel to be the most reliable and consistent in providing carbohydrate to keep her blood glucose level normal during a run."

With testimonials such as these being received on a regular basis, yes, we believe that Hammer Nutrition fuels are both suitable and beneficial for diabetic athletes.

What is it that makes Hammer Nutrition fuels so much more diabetic friendly than others? We believe that it is the carbohydrate source we use, maltodextrin. One of the benefits of maltodextrin is that it has the same Glycemic Index (GI) rating as pure glucose (100), which means it elevates blood sugar levels as rapidly as glucose. However, unlike glucose (a simple sugar), maltodextrin provides a more consistent and longer lasting energy. The declination in blood sugar levels with glucose is dramatic and typically ends below fasting levels, meaning you're worse off than when you started . . . it's the "flash and crash" type of energy that all athletes, diabetic and non-diabetic, want to avoid. The declination in energy/blood sugar levels with maltodextrin, however, is much more gradual and does not drop below fasting levels.

Hammer Nutrition fuels are also the top choice for many diabetic athletes due to the small amounts of two healthy sweeteners-xylitol and stevia-used in some of the products, such as HEED and Perpetuem. Xylitol has a GI rating of 7, which means that it is more slowly metabolized (independently of insulin) and thus doesn't cause the rapid elevation of glucose blood levels. Additionally, xylitol contains 40% fewer calories than sugar. This may not seem like a major difference; however, replacing sugar with xylitol on a regular basis may have a significant effect in the reduction of obesity, the number one risk factor for diabetes and many other diseases.

Stevia is another all-natural sweetener. It is several times sweeter than sugar and other sweeteners, which is why it can be used sparingly. Stevia contains no calories and has a GI rating of zero. As such, it is an ideal choice for diabetics. In addition, ongoing studies show that stevia can help to reduce blood pressure without affecting those whose blood pressure is within normal range.

Hammer Nutrition fuels - Their maltodextrin, xylitol, and stevia components make them the best choice for diabetic athletes!

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