Ambassador Spotlight: Brandon Regier

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am 22 years old and am from Stony Plain, AB. I am currently going to school in Lethbridge, AB where I will be completing my 5th year of post-secondary education. My schooling up to this point has been in the environmental realm and although I originally completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Ecosystem Management, I quickly realized the biology route wasn’t my true passion, which lead me to studying Conservation Enforcement. With the outdoors being where I spend most of my free time, I find myself taking every opportunity to escape to the mountains that I can! 

My true passion is trail running, Ultrarunning in particular. I like to say I ‘train to run’, meaning you’ll find me mountain biking, hiking, strength/ weight training, snowshoeing and even some yoga. I started running about 9 years ago, and will be going into my 5th season of Ultrarunning. My training “motto” is consistency and relentless forward progress. Everything I surround myself with or in, whether it be my choice in career, food, or quality nutrition/ supplements, has to benefit my healthy/ active lifestyle and training. Every season and particularly after every race I find myself learning and growing as an athlete. My goals and dreams get bigger and bigger as I test what I am truly capable of. Never would I have dreamed I was capable of racing 100mile events, but stand up to the challenge and you’ll discover the only limits you have are the ones you allow. The Ultrarunning community is amazing, and is where I have and continue to make life long connections.

Side interests of mine include photography and traveling. Both of these weaving themselves into trail running! I recently came back from a backpacking trip through Europe, where I was fortunate to immerse myself in culture, food, and of course amazing running trails and views!


What are you working toward in 2020:

Currently coming off an injury has me working on a lot of strength training, with the plan of coming back even stronger this race season! At this point patience and embracing the opportunity to shift my training is key.

2020 Goals:

  • Sinister 7 – 50miler (Crowsnest Pass, AB)
  • Canadian Death Race – 125km (Grande Cache, AB)
  • Lost Soul Ultra – 100km (Lethbridge, AB)


Why Hammer/what are your favourite Hammer fuels/supplements?

Hammer Nutrition is one of those unique companies that has it all. As an athlete I ensure I am only fueling with the best. Using products that are of high quality is extremely important to me, as it helps determine how successful I will be in my training as well as reaching my larger goals. My favourite Hammer products include:

 Fizz – Cola: I personally love having a low-calorie electrolyte drink. Being a tablet, it is super easy to pack away on the trail and add to my water when needed.

Hammer Bar – Oatmeal Apple: One of those products that just taste amazing! Whether I am out running, snowshoeing, or hiking… I love real food; Hammer bars have a bit of everything you need while on the trail.

Premium Insurance Caps (if I must choose one): Knowing where my supplements are sourced from is crucial! This multivitamin-mineral supplement supports my active lifestyle and aids me staying healthy and energized.

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