Ambassador Spotlight: Ashley Spurling

Ambassador Spotlight: Ashley Spurling

Tell us a little about yourself

I moved from Australia to Canada in late 2015 with my family. I started triathlon almost 5 years ago with a corporate triathlon relay in which each team member completed a super sprint distance tri. The following week I signed up for a 70.3 and have been hooked ever since. I raced Standard Distance at the ITU Worlds in 2017, though my favourite distance is the 70.3. My family is also into triathlon, with my daughter being particularly keen and training with the Bytown Storm youth development program here in Ottawa.

How do you find your fueling needs have changed over the years?

My fueling has changed more as a result of knowledge rather than need as such! I got taken into the whole ‘burn fat not carbs’ approach quite early on and as a result and did not fuel much at all during my morning training sessions. I would do 2 to 3 hours on the bike right after having gotten up with no breakfast, and then follow it up with an hour run with little more than a gel. As I felt OK, I presumed it was working. Two years ago I started training with the Peak Centre in Ottawa, and they include regular lactate testing in their coaching program. These guys taught me that even the most efficient fat burners still burn carbohydrates in combination with fat and had me start consuming carbs before and during all training sessions. I have been doing this using Hammer Gels and Perpetuem, and must admit, I’ve been feeling stronger as a result.

What sport nutrition products were you accustomed to using in Australia? Anything that can only be found there?

I first saw Hammer products at the Victor Harbour triathlon in South Australia, when my daughter won samples as a prize. I remember seeing the Hammer logo and wondering what that was about. I tried Recoverite after reading about it in a Triathlon Magazine and have been on that pretty much my whole triathlon career! Another staple in Australia was Endura - I used to use their ‘Rehydration’ product. This is a powder electrolyte plus carbs that you mix into your bottle. I can’t get that here so I use Hammer Fizz instead, which tastes great! Since the Endura days, I have also learned that I don’t necessarily need the carbs in an electrolyte replacement. 

What are your top three Hammer products? And why?

My top three are Chocolate Recoverite, Espresso Gels, and Hammer Protein Bars (Vegan and Whey). If I could sneak a fourth in there, it would be Lemon Lime Fizz!!

Recoverite just plain works! I could also eat Hammer Espresso Gels as a snack. They are a great way to get in carbs, plus I am convinced that the caffeine makes me go faster! The Hammer Protein Bars (I like the chocolate flavour) are also great. Taking in enough protein can be challenging, and that reason alone is enough of an excuse for me to grab one. I am an avid anti-sugar believer too, and that is one of the attractions of Hammer. Hammer products have no added sugar and that is hard to come by with sports nutrition. 

Where can we follow you online?

I am on Instagram @spurlingrun and twitter @TwinBeechfie

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