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Premium Insurance Caps - Hammer Nutrition Canada

Premium Insurance Caps


  • Supports optimum health and performance
  • Increases energy all day
  • Benefits digestion
  • Fills dietary nutrient gaps

Though all people, especially athletes, should strive to eat a healthy and balanced diet, few do. Additionally, our food supply is desperately lacking in the nutrients it once had, up to 90% less than a few decades ago. Advice such as "you can get all the nutrients you need from your food" is hopelessly outdated and the consistent use of a multivitamin/mineral supplement is essential. That's where Premium Insurance Caps comes in. Formulated with Optimum Daily Intake (ODI) amounts of the highest quality vitamins and minerals, not just minimum "daily recommended" amounts, Premium Insurance Caps provides a solid nutrient foundation, "bridging the gap" between what you should be getting nutrient-wise from your diet and what you are actually obtaining.


  • Beneficial amounts of elemental calcium and magnesium
  • 50 mg of the multi-beneficial flavonoid, quercetin per capsule
  • Highly-assimilated, amino acid-chelated minerals
  • Multiple digestive enzymes for maximum nutrient absorption
  • All-vegetable capsules


During exercise, athletes produce up to 20 times more free radicals than sedentary people do. While the benefits of exercise always outweigh any possible negatives, these high amounts of free radicals need to be addressed because they damage cells, inhibit recovery, and negatively impact the immune system. That’s why it’s crucial that you get enough antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. Fortunately, many of the vitamins and minerals in Premium Insurance Caps have powerful antioxidant properties, helping scavenge free radicals and protecting against cellular damage.

Premium Insurance Caps is not just for athletes, however. It offers wide-ranging benefits to everyone:

OUTSTANDING FOR STRESS — Premium Insurance Caps contains superb levels of B-complex vitamins, amounts that replicate many stress support formulas currently available, making those extra products unnecessary in your supplement regimen.

GREAT FOR WOMEN AND AS A PRENATAL VITAMIN — With excellent amounts of nutrients that are of particular importance to women — especially folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, boron, and more — Premium Insurance Caps is the ideal “women’s formula” multivitamin/mineral supplement.

EXCELLENT FOR CHILDREN — Give your children the best! We suggest a dosage of one Premium Insurance Caps capsule per 22-25 pounds of body weight per day.

IMMUNE BOOSTING — Be sure to take the maximum amount of Premium Insurance Caps each day prior to and during the cold and flu season to keep your immune system as strong as possible. Nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin C, selenium, and zinc are highly regarded for their immune system-boosting capabilities.

JOINT AND MUSCLE SUPPORT — Premium Insurance Caps can help the body heal and fight inflammation courtesy of its citrus bioflavonoids, bromelain, papain, and quercetin components.

MORE ENERGY, BETTER SLEEP — Consistent day-after-day fatigue disrupts your productivity and leaves you feeling drained, which can negatively affect your sleep quality at night. Many of the ingredients in Premium Insurance Caps effectively alleviate fatigue and help you maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day so that you can sleep better at night.

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