A vital component of improved athletic performance is the replenishment of carbohydrates and protein ASAP after a workout or event. In fact, it may very well be the easiest way to enhance your endurance: You train. You “refill the tank” right away. Simple!

You take care of the training part, and we’ll take care of the post-exercise replenishment part. We’ll accomplish that with Recoverite. It’s super-easy, convenient, and delicious; and it supplies your body with EXACTLY what it’s begging for after your workout.

That’s not all. This great product is available in two different types: whey protein isolate and organic vegan protein!

The original Recoverite product contains complex carbs (maltodextrin) and whey protein isolate in a 3:1 ratio. Each serving also contains three grams of L-glutamine, a full-spectrum electrolyte profile, and key recovery-benefiting nutrients. Ever since its introduction roughly 15 years ago, thousands of thoroughly satisfied athletes have proven that there isn’t a more potently effective recovery drink than Recoverite.

Organic Vegan Recoverite arrived a bit over two years ago. And for those who prefer vegetable protein over animal-derived protein, it has been a windfall. Organic Vegan Recoverite contains the same ingredients in the same amounts as the original Recoverite formula, with the exception that organic pea protein is the protein source. While not as bioavailable as whey protein isolate (nothing is), organic pea protein is an easily digested, gluten-free protein with an excellent amino acid profile that includes ample amounts of the BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, valine), which are key to recovery.

The four big benefits of “refilling the tank” ASAP after a workout

As mentioned earlier, you will probably not find an easier way to boost your fitness and enhance your exercise performance than by simply taking a few moments—as soon as you finish your workout—to put some fuel back in your body. When you do that, your body rewards you handsomely for all the work you did in the training session. Resupply the body with high-quality carbohydrates and protein right away—within the first 30 minutes (the sooner, the better)—and here’s what happens:

1. Your muscle cells will be restocked with fuel so that you have it on board and ready to serve you for the next day’s workout. In fact, the more consistently you train AND resupply the body with fuel, the more efficiently your body will respond by storing more and more minutes of fuel in the muscles. That means you’ll have more available fuel when you toe the line for your big event, and that’s a definite advantage! (Hint: This is what “carbo loading” truly is all about.)

2. Your muscle tissue has the raw materials it needs to become stronger, which allows you to make increases in your training volume and intensity without your muscles taking such a beating.

3. The amount of soreness you experience between one workout and the next will be greatly diminished. So instead of worrying about whether or not you’ll even be able to get out of bed, you’ll be ready for the next day’s workout.

4. Your immune system gets stronger instead of going into the tank. When you finish a workout, your immune system is “on the fence.” Supplying your body with fuel ASAP after a training session will tip the scales in favor of stronger immunity, helping you avoid missing important training sessions due to sickness.

No question about it; your body wants and needs Recoverite or Organic Vegan Recoverite. They give your body the high-quality carbs and protein it’s in dire need of, as well as some other valuable nutrients—L-glutamine, chromium, L-carnosine, and electrolytes—that will help it recover quicker and more completely. Both formulations are easy to take, taste great, and work incredibly well.


It’s the time of the season when we’re all working out longer, harder, and more frequently. As important as post-exercise recovery is all year long, right now is when you simply cannot cut corners. None! So, starting right now, apply the philosophy that the workout is NOT done until you put some fuel back into your body. That means...

  • Before you get out of your sweaty workout clothes
  • Before you get in the shower
  • Before you do your stretching

...take just a few moments to put the high-quality fuel that is Recoverite and Organic Vegan Recoverite into your body. THEN your workout will be done, and you will have kick-started the recovery process in an ideal fashion.

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