Ambassador Spotlight: Shane Mascarin

Ambassador Spotlight: Shane Mascarin

Tell us a little about yourself

    I live in Wainwright, Alberta with my wife Sara and twin 14yr old girls.  I work as a biologist at CFB Wainwright and spend the majority of time either running kids around or being outside.  I am fairly new at endurance sports as I ran my first ever race in 2010 and it was a local 5K.  What started as more of a dare from my wife that I couldn’t finish a sprint triathlon that year has turned into a passion for endurance sports including 6 Ironmans, Ultra520 finisher, 10 100+ milers including Moab240.  I have no real favourite discipline and like to race both triathlons and Ultras plus throwing in some road when I can.  In 2018 I plan to start the year off at Across the Years 24hr, Calgary Marathon, Ironman Canada, Canadian Death Race, Lost Soul 100miler and ending the year at Ironman Arizona.  On top of my own racing I am president of our local Wainwright Runners Club and will be the race director of 2 local races.  Hoping to give that same local kick start to the run community that helped me.

    Do you consider hunting an endurance sport?

      Interesting question!  I personally don’t think of hunting as a sport as I don't feel I am in a competition when I am in the outdoors.  I do feel that it can be and is part of my healthy endurance lifestyle.  As mainly as an archery hunter I need to the consistent year long training to be accurate with my bow, be fit enough to get over the next mtn/valley or pack out that animal in a timely manner so the meat is not wasted and be able to regulate my heart rate to ensure a clean ethical kill.  Hunting for me is another extension of my passion of being outdoors.  Many of my trail runs are in hunting areas or possible future areas and it’s interesting how the passions can be similar at times and sometime I am not sure if I am training, hunting or both.  There is a mental game as well to endure harsh weather, hours of waiting and long hikes in the dark.  I find both endurance racing and hunting have helped the other activity in regards to the mental side of it.  I also find that the end result is a healthy food source for my family as we mainly eat wild meat.  It’s lean, healthy and chemical free. I know where are food comes from and I like that.

      What are some unique fueling considerations for that backcountry activity?

        Like most backcountry activities reducing volume and weight is key so having the right fuel is important and keep you out longer.  For some reason it wasn’t a no brainer at first that the same items that I used to run across the mountains or for hours along the trails could be used in other activities.  I now know better and ensure I am fuelling properly no matter what I am doing.  It helps make planning easier, all my packs have small bags of Heed or Perp, a few gels and bars.  Being fuelled properly just keeps you going’s that simple. 

        What are your top three Hammer products? And why?

          Perpetuem was the first Hammer product I used during my first Ultra and I have never looked back.  It’s a standard in all my long activities no matter if it’s running, biking, swimming or hiking. Favourite flavour is Caffe Latte as I can drink it cold or warm.  

          is my #1 product during the off season when my workouts are shorter.  I have also used it as a backup during endurance events if I am having stomach issues and if I am pushing the pace.  Lemon-Lime is my go to fav.

          is almost a food group for me!  I live on the stuff due to my busy lifestyle and my consent time crunch.  I try to have a bottle and a shaker in my workout bag all the time so I can ensure I get something in me after my key workouts.  I have also developed a taste for recoverite and yogurt as a bedtime snack during peak training.  I like all the flavours! 

          Where can we follow you online?

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