Ambassador Spotlight: Kyle Nesbitt

Ambassador Spotlight: Kyle Nesbitt

Tell us a little about yourself

I'm a 31 year old adventure racer. While in sales by day, I tend to spend my nights outside mountain biking, trail running and kayaking.

Having moved out of the city to Stratford, ON 4 years ago, I have really learned to enjoy the small town lifestyle. Having access to some of the best singletrack trails in Ontario has also been a big bonus.  

When I was 18 years old, I was 240lbs and could barely run to the end of the block. I spent the next year working out and eating healthy, losing 60lbs and finding myself with much more energy than I could ever imagine. Fast forward to 26, and after my years in college and sitting at a desk, I was back around 210lbs. From there I started mountain biking as an outlet, while constantly watching sports, trying to find the right fit for myself...that was when I found Adventure Racing. I have spent a lot of time building a base for myself and learning the hard ways (as many of us have) what works and does not work. I found Hammer in my search for a clean fueling source.
With Ryan & Sarah always available to answer my 1001 questions, and having even given me my first 15 seconds of fame by posting my race video to the Facebook wall, I realized Hammer was more than just a gel company. 

Presently, I work with the community of Adventure Racers running training camps for the new and experienced racers...occasionally throwing Hammer gels at other racers on course. I always look forward to meeting more people getting involved in this sport, so never hesitate to say HI! 


What are some of the unique challenges with fueling for adventure racing? Aid stations, gear drops, how much you can carry, etc. 

Adventure Racing is rather unique. Its fueling challenges are gear drops as aid stations vary in each race (if they even exist). 
We have found through trial and error that its best for us to carry the bulk of our fuels as we eat mostly when we are bushwhacking and have to move slower. We have also found that creating a gel out of Perpetuem (in a gel flask) is a quick and easy way for us to get the calories and nutrients we need, while reducing our packs overall weight. 


You have now been a Hammer ambassador for three years. What brings you back? And what are some of the qualities that make a great ambassador?

To start I feel very privileged to be back for a third year with Hammer. The community of athletes they have put together are truly supportive individuals, always looking beyond their own sports and intrigued by your own. 
I'm back with the Hammer crew as I have very much enjoyed working with Ryan, Sarah and the athletes and am always intrigued by their drive and learning from their experiences. 
I believe some of the qualities a great ambassador portrays are 

  • Community development
  • Team work
  • Always striving to improve


What are your top three Hammer products at the moment? And why?

Endurolytes Extreme - My team and I have been using these for three years with great success. They have reduced any cramps we have faced during the courses, and we mandate to take 1-2 pills / hour while we are out there to keep ahead of our needs. 

- As mentioned earlier, we love creating gels with Perpetuem as it is our best fuel source while on course and keep our pack weights down. 

Oatmeal Apple Hammer Bars 
- Because who wouldn't enjoy apple pie while on course? Plus they don't freeze easily! (Very key in our winter/early spring races)


Where can we follow you online?

Your best spot is on my Instagram - Kyle Nesbitt - Black Swan Racing

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