Ambassador Spotlight: Kim Magnus

Tell us a bit about yourself

I live, work, and play in Vancouver BC. I moved here from Manitoba in 2008 and my whole world changed. I discovered mountains and my truest love for the gentle giants that grace our forest floors. I can’t get enough trees in my life and we’ve got a few of those here in the pacific north west so I will forever call this place home.

By day, I’m an occupational therapist. I get to work with children and
families in a tertiary care centre as a positioning and mobility specialist. It’s truly the best day job I can think of.

On the side I run a bit. I discovered running when I moved to BC and transitioned quickly from road to trail. I also transitioned quickly from short to long. Having experienced everything from 10km road to 100mile trail races – I have a love for them all. The point of racing for me is to test myself but it’s the journey through training that brings me real joy. The day to day grind and the epic adventures – to me it’s all magic and I’d prefer to do it on foot.

Aside from training and racing, my favorite thing about running is the community. I’ve made some of the best and definitely the craziest friends through this sport and I’m truly grateful for the love, laughs, support, and really dumb ideas that take me way outside my comfort zone.

I get unnecessarily excited about many things. I don’t think I use the term “favorite” appropriately in my life as it usually just pertains to the most excitable flavor of the moment. However, there are a few staples:

  • Food: I’m a foodie. I like good food, large quantities, and big flavors. But a day without peanut butter is a sad day in my books.
  • Beer: Like food, I like big bold flavors. I tend toward strong stouts and IPAs but most of the fun is in variety. I’m a lightweight though so it’s good I have a very supportive partner.
  • Nature: Trees. Full stop. All of em.
  • Animals: This is definitely a category that involves a variable representation of podium contenders. Domestically, dogs and kitty cats are obvious. Goats, llamas, platypus, and turtles get me pretty jazzed. I also hold some space for funny birds. Oh and humpback whales. And seahorses. And so on.
  • Sports: I am a huge sports fan and can get into just about anything where there’s a good battle.


What are you working towards in 2020

2019 was a big year for me. The big guns were podium at Chuckanut which led to competing with Canada in Portugal for World Trail Championships; placing second at Canyons 100km (with bronchitis) and securing a coveted ticket for Western States; and subsequently finishing Western States 100M and Cascade Crest 100M. My most memorable race was supporting my good friend and fellow ambassador,
Hassan Lotfipour, to an epic finish at Fat Dog 120M. That was a great day.

While being a fantastic year in world travel, racing, training and adventuring, it was also very taxing. Recovery took a back seat (because I ignored it) and this hindered short and long term performance. I’m finally at a place where I can really embrace 2020 differently. This year my focus is balance. Race less, adventure more, give back to the community, and embrace rest so I have the energy and excitement to crush the fun stuff and be awesome. I’m Marie Kondo’ing my running.

Speaking of awesome….what’s on the agenda?

  • Western States, Fat Dog: Support/Pace crew – and any other chance to help a friend!
  • Adventures: Wonderland? R2R2R? West Coast Trail? As many days in Manning Park as I can muster?
  • Some other cool stuff I get talked into? CCC – Race the heck out of it. Then drink wine and eat baguettes.

What are your favourite Hammer fuels or supplements?

Raw Energy Bars – I like to eat real food as much as possible and these meet the mark. With mountain adventures and longer races, you can enjoy that luxury and time to chew! Oatmeal Apple and Cranberry.

Hammer Gels – While gels haven’t been a preferred energy source for me in the past, I’ve found success with Hammer! For fast, hard efforts they’re perfection. If I need a pick-me-up, a tasty espresso gel is just what the barista ordered – I’ve gone from being a puddle to “hammering” (yup pun intended) out that last interval or two on many occasions with that shot.

Recoverite – My recovery game has always been weak. I need something that is fast and easy and doesn’t make my stomach or brain hurt reading the ingredients.

Perpetuem – Full disclosure – I haven’t tried this yet. I’ve only heard good things from previous skeptics like me who have fully converted and now swear by it. Stay tuned….

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