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Ryan Correy November 5, 2015 No Comments

By Josh Gillingham of Superior Athletes

XTERRA was a pretty epic day! coming into the event, without being as prepared as I would have liked was scary. Talking with a few of the 800+ other athletes who qualified to race here in Maui, it was clear everyone was worried about the event, and nutrition seemed to be the main source of their fears.

A moment of panic hit, once on the first plane to Maui. I had forgotten my HEED back home! No worries I thought, I’ll be able to buy some once I get to Maui. Once at the race site, I was shocked to find out that no Hammer products were available. A competing brand had bought exclusive rights to be the sole nutrition provider for the race.

At the athlete village, I spotted a few Hammer logos at the expo stand of one of the exhibitors, and asked if they sold Hammer. She said they did at their store, but were strictly forbidden to do so at the event. After a little sweet talking, she had taken my name, and contact info, and promised to covertly sneak some Strawberry HEED in for me the next morning.

Crisis averted.

On race day, in the 30+ Celsius heat, I knew it was going to be a struggle to stay hydrated. I filled my bottles with HEED, and Endurance Amino’s, and had 2 Hammer Gels in my tri-suit pockets for the bike, and one in transition for the run.

Compared to other athletes, I brought on a lot less carbohydrates than “normal”, but I’ve worked to be more efficient at using my own fat as a fuel (which I have a few more pounds than I care to admit right now), and I believe in the less is more approach.

p>I made a very poor tactical mistake early in the bike, after a really really bad swim, that cost me any chance of a result I was hoping for. The only thing that went perfect, and according to plan, was my rock solid nutrition plan.

Thanks Hammer Nutrition Canada 🙂

Ryan Correy

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