Why I Hammer

Ryan Correy March 10, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Kyle Nesbitt

Because I care.

I care because I have been there…

At 19 I was 230lbs…

At 27 I was penguin walking to the finish line of my first race…

I then cramped in almost every race for the entire first season or racing, while I learned what real nutrition and fueling was…

Today, while helping at the Hammer Nutrition booth (Toronto Bike Show) I was asked by an onlooker what was Hammer and why were we different. I started to respond with the traditional “No refined sugars, Artificial flavours or colours” when I noticed his eyes glazed over and stopped listening. So I took a second and thought why I hammer and responded with more of my story.

Taking on being an athlete later in life than most, I had a steep learning curve. I was training to race faster, longer and cross train to be more powerful. On top of learning how to eat and fuel properly for a lifestyle and not as a diet. My first lesson in proper fueling was when I first reached out to Hammer after a referral from my trainer. I was put in touch with Ryan Correy who had given me some great advice on entry level products that would help me with my needs on course.

After further emails and discussions over the past couple years, I realized very quickly that the company wasn’t just about selling their product, it was educating the consumer on what they truly require and not throwing a “fix it all” pill at them. I have promoted their product to a lot of people on course and have friends starting to use it as well. It’s proven time and time again to have that early corner of the market with clean fuels.

I have since found myself turning my passion into a lifestyle and not just a sport for the weekends. I’m proud to have been selected to be an ambassador of this product and company, as they really reach out to people for more than just their wallets.

Ryan Correy

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