What motivates you?

Ryan Correy May 11, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Kyle Nesbitt

We all have our motives, and I want to challenge everyone who reads this to share that with us.

What gives you that drive to run a 5k, half or full marathon?

What spend that $1.60 to run the 130mile Barkley Marathon?

What makes you race 700km for 172 hours through the depths of South Africa on only 17 hours of sleep?


The views, I do it to race and experience areas you never would have thought to visit on your own.


Camaraderie, Pushing through all the pain and exhaustion with a great group of people.

Introductions, Meeting like minded people with similar passions for life.


Limits, finding how far I can push my body and where I need to improve .


Over this next month of May, write on the Hammer Nutrition Canada Facebook wall with what drives and inspires you. Feel free to include pictures!

Ryan Correy

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