Well Earned Road Trip to SoCal

Ryan Correy February 19, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Ron Amos

After a hard indoor trainer block I’m bound for Southern California. The car is packed with two bikes and all the little extras that I would not normally be able to bring with me, when making the trip by plane. Road Trip… yeah! Yesterday I rode the trainer for the final time in my indoor mental toughing pain cave. I’ve been in the cave since the middle of October, gradually ramping up the mileage and intensity in the training sessions while relying on Hammer Nutrition products to keep me topped up and ready to complete each rigorous training session. My go to Hammer products were:

  • Perpetuem for the training sessions over 2hrs – of which I did many… sometimes twice a day
  • Hammer Gels to keep the fuel system topped up
  • Endurolytes capsules to replace the electrolytes I burned through while dumping gallons of sweat on the bike and floor.


My winter training camp base will be in Encinitas (just north of San Diego). Hwy 101 runs through Encinitas which is a bicycle training Mecca for tourist, road racers and triathletes a like. It is a city on the ocean which just feels and is hip, active and friendly. It also has many great coffee shops of which Pannikin is my all time favorite hang out and chill spot to sip the java and devour a huge pumpkin muffin after a long ride on the two wheel horse.

The plan is to race 3 multi race weekends during my stay in California. The first race will be the Chico Stage Race. I will have 2 other Hammer Nutrition Teammates to race along side of and hope to finish with some team success stories that will be worthy of sharing.

I have to say after yesterday record setting 50cm dump of snow here in Ottawa, the timing to get out of town could not be better.

Hammer on!

Ryan Correy

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