Time for the Slower Route

Ryan Correy September 19, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Soren Meeuwisse

There is definitely something special about reaching the summit of a mountain trail. The crisp, fresh air accompanied by the views that complement the difficulty of your path to that moment; it all seems to take your breath away (or maybe that’s just the altitude).

I have reached a fair share of mountain peaks in my life so far, but mostly just by bike. But on my trip to Banff with my hometown best friend, I found a new joy in the 3km/hour pace to reach a goal by foot. At first, this slower speed and therefore shorter distance able to travel bothered me (I must really have an internal need for speed). I kept imagining how much faster, easier, and more fun it would be if I could just rip through sections on my 29er mountain bike wheels. It took a few days, but slowly I began to really slow down mentally and not feel the need to rush the path. I was able to really take in the terrain of each meter of the trail, therefore enjoying the journey more than just the destination (so deep am I right…. But for real). I think this, plus the fact that you needed nothing but your own two feet, is what made the rugged summits seem that much more special and different. Not to mention, I had these experiences with someone who I’ve grown up with, yet who has never before had the chance to even see mountains. Her fresh, raw wonder and admiration was completely infecting. Together, we were able to enjoy these new experiences; looking forward to the mountain peak accompanied by our favourite Hammer Nutrition bars!


This was the perfect off-season vacation for me to mentally separate myself from training and racing stress, before heading back to McMaster for the next 8 months of studying. Those Banff hiking trails have reset my system so I’m prepared for what’s up!

What’s your next adventure and Hammer fuel of choice?

Ryan Correy

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