Reflection Rather Than Resolution

Ryan Correy January 22, 2016 1 Comment

By Athlete Ambassador, Spring McClurg

Tradition has us holding fast to the idea that as we enter a new year we need to set goals for the coming weeks. Goals that have us striving to be better, stronger and smarter than last year. This can often lead us to think about what didn’t work in the last year and how we can improve. Now don’t get me wrong, self-improvement is vital for growth, but it can be easy to overlook what did work and those little, magical, moments of joy.

So this year I resolve to reflect rather than make resolutions. To reflect about what did work, to reflect on what made me happiest and the many moments that made me smile throughout the year. To reflect on how grateful I am for where my body has taken me and the experiences I enjoyed. To think about how I can continue on the path that brings me the most joy and sense of fulfillment.
I am determined to replace the word “failed” with the word “lesson”. To look at each experience as an opportunity to learn something about myself and those around me. Each and every year that passes provides me a wealth of knowledge and an inexhaustible resource to reflect on. So here is to a new year of learning, reflecting and many more moments of happiness!

Ryan Correy

One thought on “Reflection Rather Than Resolution

  1. This sounds familiar, I recently learned the same thing:

    The sport psychology behind it is to concentrate on your ideal state of being – hence reflecting on when you had your best day, best run, best line, and all the details around it etc. It makes your good days more consistent and eliminates possibilities of bad days on the mountains, in any sport, etc. At the very least, it gives you more control over how things may play out.

    When you look at it through an athletes perspective, this way of thinking is the difference between a “one hit wonder” and an athlete who consistently performs at the top. The “one hit wonder” lacks self awareness where the consistent athlete knows how to dial in and get in their ideal state.

    The positivity also goes a long way too. Great post!

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