Race-Your-Bike-a-Ton Month

Ryan Correy June 2, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Ron Amos

May is Race-Your-Bike-a-Ton Month here on the Eastern Part of the Canada.

After getting in a good training block coupled with two Stage Races while out in California, I arrived back home in Ottawa in early April to still near Winter conditions. It was a rare day in April and the first bit of May when you would see me riding without leg and arm warmers. But by the end of May we are finally seeing Spring in all its glory here. The trees have popped their leaves and I am once again working on my tan lines which I started back in California a couple of months back.

May is “Game On Time” here on the Eastern part of the continent. There are a number of excellent races each weekend to choose from and it is a shame to miss one because you chose another. I have been busy racing every weekend through May, treating each race as an addition to my preparation for the Canadian National Road Race Championships.


Clarence-Rockland Classic – 87km of mixed gravel and broken pavement – 12th in the Open Category

Bristol Mountain Road Race – Won over-all in the mixed 35+/45+ category

Steve Bauer Classic – 123km – 12th in the Cat 1-2 category

Grand Prix Val-David – 93km – Won the M2 category

The 12th place at the Steve Bauer Classic was by far my best accomplishment in May. Racing amongst the top talent pool here in Ontario in the senior 1-2 category challenged both my fitness and race smarts. Fortunately, I managed to not embarrass myself by finishing 12th, last man of the chasing group which managed to chase down all the break-a-ways which kept forming. Just as one group of break-a-way rabbits were caught another group would jump free. In the end all the rabbits were caught except Ed Veal who was the last rabbit to get free.


This weekend I raced in Quebec and foolishly put the Hammer down after coming out the far side of a very rough wash board gravel section with a 100m gap back to the field 5km into the race. I hoped that some guys would bridge up to me and we would work together for the remainder of the race. But that did not happen, so I soloed the remaining distance (race was 93km long) to win. Not a smart way to race your bike as I worked really hard and for a very long time in the heat to hold off the chasing field. PS the Hammer Endurolytes saved my bacon yesterday as it was a really hot humid day. If you look close in the above photo you will see how I tape three rows of three capsules to my top tube and handlebar stem.

Our Canadian National Road Race Championships are June 11 & 12. Hopefully I will have some good stories to write about after that number one event on my race calendar.

Hammer on!

Ryan Correy

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