MTB Race Fueling Strategy

Ryan Correy March 24, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Soren Meeuwisse

With the mountain bike race season starting so early this year, I have already competed in the first Canada Cup of the season, held in Victoria, BC! As this was also my first U23/elite field race coming from the Junior category, I was not used to the longer distance and found myself in need of a boost mid-race. With any race longer than 1 hour, taking a gel has the benefit of topping up blood sugar levels so you can push out some more watts. I knew my race would be around 1:30-1:40 in duration, so the morning of my race I planned my fueling tactics.


I grabbed my favourite gel, Hammer’s Nocciola flavour (tastes just like Nutella!) and squirted a serving into my Hammer gel flask. Then I add about an equal amount of water into the flask. Although the gel is fantastic just by itself for my training days, I prefer this mix on race day since it changes the viscosity of the gel so it’s easier to intake mid-race in one big gulp… I know I will be gasping for air!


The gel flask cap makes it super easy to intake the gel (just like a water bottle), you don’t have to risk littering on our beautiful planet, and it fits well in the back pocket of my race jersey. Another benefit is that you can put more than one serving into the same gel flask for many fuelling hits throughout the race!

Ryan Correy

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