Motivating change in the workplace

Ryan Correy September 26, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Kyle Nesbitt

We spend a lot of our lives sitting at the desk reading hundreds of emails and managing stressful situations. It’s quite easy to turn to the donuts, chocolate bar, or extra cup of coffee to get us through the day. Consider a healthier approach:

  • Eat smaller portions, more frequently. 7am- Breakfast (Protein, Light carb), 10- Morning Snack (Lighter protein, some extra carbs through veggies), 12pm – First lunch (Medium protein, light carbs i.e. salad), 2pm – Second lunch (second half of first lunch)
  • Remove afternoon caffeine. It’s great for a 45-60 min energy spike, but you’re draining your adrenal system and impairing the afternoon. It can also affect your sleep patterns
  • Remove sugar fixes. Again, great for momentary fixes but you’re looking for sustained energy to get you to the finish line (5pm)
  • Go for walks, do some push-ups between meetings, or even have an office sit-up competition

Some easy sources for extra energy can be found within foods such as:

  • Dried fruit (dates, prunes, apricot, raisins)
  • Raw nuts
  • Hammer energy bars (always have some in the car with me)
  • Colourful veggies
  • Par cooked sweet potatoes (a favourite of mine!)
  • Ginger, a great fix for energy and bad breath

Last but not least, water. It’s the key to all of our health and we never seem to drink enough of it. Water offers great energy boost, keeps you relaxed and your brain firing on all cylinders.

Office culture shifts start with a leader! Are you up to the challenge?

Ryan Correy

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