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Ryan Correy August 9, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Soren Meeuwisse

As I prepare for my last World Cup race of the season in Mt. St. Anne this weekend, Hammer Nutrition has been there at every turn.

My Hammer Nutrition shorts were flashy, fast, and comfortable as I have been dialing my lines on the insanely demanding course for the past couple days.

This World Cup will be a special one as it is my first World class race on Canadian soil! I am lucky to have the support of my family and many friends here, who usually can’t make it overseas to watch me race in person.

Race morning is always hectic, so race and recovery fuel is always prepared the night before.


My race fuelling check list

✔️ Heed in bottles
✔️ Endurolytes in each bottle
✔️ Gels
✔️ Recoverite in my Hammer Nutrition Shaker bottle


Many components need to come into line on race day to perform: physical, mental, and nutritional aspects. Thanks to Hammer Nutrition I have confidence in my fuelling for tomorrow, and thanks to countless dedicated training sessions I have confidence in my physical and mental abilities.

Wish me luck!!!

Ryan Correy

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