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By Fueling Expert, Ryan Correy


This past year we gravitated toward a catchy new Not Candy! tagline. The goal was to make a clear distinction that Hammer focuses on premium, healthy ingredients – not simple sugars, coloring, and that “new thing” all the (financially incentivized AND, surprise, no more educated than you) pros are using. But this is not really news. We have been preaching healthy since 1987.


With the hundreds of talks that I have given, it is evident that the average user will never understand the benefit of 100% quality vs. 50% OK (mass market, slightly cheaper) products until they test our fueling line in extreme conditions (i.e. you wont see the downside of simple sugars <2 hrs). Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a light bulb moment when I give examples from my ultra adventures, but it is fleeting in the face of flashier alternatives.


Heading into 2016, I thought that I would share a new perspective.


In full transparency, Hammer pays my bills. But what if they didn’t? Would I still use the product? Taking that question one step further, what if I had a falling out with Hammer U.S.? What if I was fired from the Canadian team? Would I swap to a competitor out of spite?


The answer is “Absolutely not”.


The reason that Hammer and I get along so well (and we have our challenging days, like anyone) is because I have absolute trust in the line. Mind you, if I was fired, I might not preach to the masses the way I do now, and I might swap to a Gatorade bottle, but I can guarantee that it would still be HEED swishing inside.


There is no equal to Hammer for endurance fuels and supplements.

Ryan Correy

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