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Ryan Correy October 10, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Kyle Nesbitt

What keeps you motivated to push harder and faster in your sport? A support network is probably one of the biggest aspects of each sport.

Over the past 9 months of having the privilege to be a Hammer Nutrition Canada Ambassador, I have learned quite a lot. From blogging to hosting my own events, a lot of this stemmed from watching and reading how my fellow ambassadors have found success in the long term pursuit of their sports and support network.

Having never done anything like this previously, this is a great chance to give you new folks an idea of what to expect as an ambassador.


Support your brand!
They are investing in you to work with them and their ideas. You need to keep in mind every investment has an expected return (financial or motivational)
– Volunteer with them at events
– Wear the gear
– Talk about them to your friends

Run your own event
I found success working within my own network to create an event in which I could talk with everyone about the products and why I use them. It also allows them to try the samples you provide on the spot and give you feedback at the end of the day.

We all have busy lives and this is a support network, communicate with them when your falling behind and be ready to offer support in lieu of the original expectation.

Be your own brand
This is your name going out there, make something of it and people will respect what you promote (but be sure to be honest).

Represent your Sport
You are an advocate for your sport now, you will be seen by the public and you want to show people what your sport is made of.

Amplify your brand (share on social, blog, etc)
– Show yourself using this product and why you like it
– Use your social network to promote the lines
– Share your fellow ambassadors accomplishments

As we come into that time of year and you are reviewing applications for each of your brands you want to represent, keep them to the lines that represent your passions and frame of mind.

Ryan Correy

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