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Ryan Correy December 17, 2014 No Comments

Sarah, Katie (athlete ambassador), Darren, and Ryan in Hawaii this past November

We have a hard time sitting still, that’s for sure.

Continuing the Hammer Global tradition of building a community around tremendous fueling and recovery products, 2014 was a year of massive firsts for our Canadian team. To name a few:

  • We gained wholesale exclusivity for all of Canada
  • Our inaugural Big Rig (a 43-foot Hammer coach) fueling tour across Canada
  • Our inaugural athlete ambassador program
  • A new National Sales Manger position, now manned by Sajeev
  • My fiancée (Sarah) joining on the Community Engagement front
  • Our inaugural ‘Hammer Powered’ Aloha Cycling Retreat in Hawaii
  • Nasol (all natural sinus relief spray) being picked up by Hammer U.S.
  • Sponsoring new big events, including the inaugural Challenge St. Andrews
  • And a new warehouse in Toronto


We also built upon an already impressive foundation, including:


Heading into 2015, keep an eye out for:

  • Our new #HammerCAN hashtag on Instagram and Twitter
  • Great new web content and online support
  • A tremendous new crop of athlete and retail (NEW) ambassadors
  • Monthly product spotlights (and value adds through www.shophammernutrition.ca)
  • Our inaugural ‘Hammer Powered’ Carefree Cycling Retreat in Arizona this March
  • Bilingual labeling (here we come Quebec!)
  • New Gel flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate and Nocciola
  • Hammer Canada branded coffee
  • Unique Hammer Canada clothing items
  • Posts from my Tour Divide race in June
  • Our second annual Big Rig tour / promotion of my book (coming this Spring)
  • Our third sold out ‘Hammer Powered’ Great Divide Mountain Bike Tour


Please check back often as I update our new website over the holiday season 🙂

~ Ryan Correy

Ryan Correy