Hammer Heads South

Ryan Correy March 5, 2015 No Comments

In mid-February Ryan and I packed our belongings in storage and hit the road. It has been the beginning of a 9 month+ adventure for us, one that will take us around the US and Canada with Hammer Nutrition Canada and our cycling camps. After heading due south from our (former) home in Burlington, ON, we cut through the US at the height of a winter storm front. Was it naive of us to think we would escape winter so easily?

On our fourth day of driving we finally saw the last of the fluffy white stuff while passing through Santa Fe, New Mexico. By then, we were eager to get to our final destination of Carefree, Arizona to hang our winter coats in the closet once and for all. I am happy to report that, despite some rain, that is were they have remained since arriving.

Two weeks in to our two month stint here, we have enjoyed taking advantage of the desert landscape and weather, whether it’s cycling, running, hiking or walking. Later this week, we will be welcoming the first group of cyclists who will be taking part in the Hammer powered Carefree Cycling Retreat. We look forward to sharing this wonderful area with them, a place where we have created many great memories on the roads and trails in years past. Stay tuned for pictures!

Ryan Correy