Fueling with Real Food

Ryan Correy March 18, 2015 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Spring McClurg


The Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip is my favourite go to energy bar on long distance training runs and during races.

I had you at Coconut Chocolate didn’t I?

I don’t think I am alone in my desire to eat real food when running long distance. As essential as gels are, sometimes your stomach and your future well being depends on having something more substantial to eat. Even the mere act of chewing after 7+ hours of drinking only liquids and swallowing gels, can be a heavenly feeling. In the world of long distance running it’s the little things that make the difference between feeling miserable or being able to push on.

My personal favourite long run food choice has always been the Hammer Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip energy bar. It’s soft and moist enough to be easily digestible, but still has a enough weight to it to be the perfect chewy consistency. Plus it tastes great and is a raw food bar made with natural organic ingredients. It never fails to perk me up when I need that extra boost the most.


Chocked full of things like dates, almond butter, chocolate, protein, flax seeds – it is an extremely satisfying bar. I have even started to use it as a great snack bar when hiking or rock climbing. It’s extremely important to me to not only have the right fuel but to have fuel that is made with high quality natural ingredients and this bars ticks all the boxes for me.

Last year when I was training for my first 50 miler, putting in countless hours and hundreds of miles on the trails, nutrition played a huge part in my success. I owe a large part of this success to the Hammer products I used during my runs, including the Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip Energy bar. It became and remains my mainstay source of fuel for all endurance activities. If, like me, you look for real healthy food during your activities, whether it be running, hiking, biking etc. you should try this bar!

Ryan Correy