Fueling for Stage Races: Raid International Gaspésie

Ryan Correy September 8, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador Brad Jennings of Explore The Backcountry

While many bemoan the inevitable end of summer, I tend to get a little excited when the 1st rolls around. This is prime race month, when an entire season of training boils down to a handful of events…

First up is the Raid international Gaspésie and Wilderness Traverse (RIG), a 4 day, 300km stage adventure race running from September 8th to 11th. This will be my third time venturing out to the East coast and the beautiful Gaspésie region of Quebec for the race. Joining us will be 164 athletes on 70 teams from 13 countries.

A stage race differs from traditional multi-day adventure racing, whereby teams complete a course each day before turning into camp for the evening. Typically, these races are fast paced, as the opportunity to rest and refuel each night means teams can focus on smashing through a course vs conserving energy for the constant grind of non-stop day and night racing. During a stage race, teams will cover ~100km in as little as 6hrs, a far cry from the typical 12-24hrs it would take teams on a traditional expedition length race.


Fueling for stage races takes a different approach, as time spent at camp means you have valuable recovery time. My two not-so-secret weapons for a top performance at RIG will undoubtedly be Perpetuem and Recoverite. On my last expedition race, I fuelled primarily with Perpetuem and wound up feeling solid as we raced for ~500km and 72hrs to a convincing 2nd place category finish (4th overall)! It’s no surprise I’ll be turning again to this long distance wonder fuel. We’re aiming to get on the podium this year at RIG, so you can be sure my water bottles will contain some Caffé Latte and Chocolate variants! The Recoverite will help to rebuild muscle tissue and reduce soreness from a brutal day of battling mountains, rivers and the ocean, ensuring I’ll be good to go for the next day of racing.

My teammate Jess has already made the switch to Hammer following our successful expedition race and has fuelled her way to top performances on and off the AR circuit, including qualifying for the world duathlon championships. Needless to say, we’re both amped for RIG, and feel it will be the best edition yet!

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