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Ryan Correy February 16, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Hailey Van Dyk of

The start of the year is always an interesting time. We all start it with ambitions and goals what how we would like the new years to look, what we want to to achieve, how we want to better ourselves. But the reality of it is, goals change, plans change, and things might not go the way you had originally planned.

With races selling out faster and faster each year, and going on sale earlier and earlier, I sometimes feel rushed, or pressured to sign up for goal races without really thinking about what I am signing up, how it fits into my schedule, or will everything to achievable. So now that we are at the middle of the month, I have had some time to really process my hopes and goals for 2016.


I have been running for almost 4 years and I ran my first ultra, a 50km 2.5 years ago. The natural progression of running seems to keep pushing your distance. Once you’ve ran a few 50kms, its time to start looking at a 50 miler, and then from there 100kms or even 100 miles. I see a lot of my friends headed in this direction but my heart does not seem to want to go that way. I have questioned whether there is something wrong with me as an “ultra runner”. How can I call myself that if I don’t have the desire to go beyond 50 miles. So I decided to look inward instead of outward at what everyone else is doing.

While I am a runner yes, I am also a climber, a mountain biker, a yogi a cycler and an aspiring mountaineer. The truth is, I don’t want to devote all of my time to running. I want to give it my all, spend hours running trails, up mountains, see new places, run awesome races… everything I am already doing. But for right now, I am good running the distances I know, so that I can continue to give time to the other sports that I love. That is what I love most about being a multi-sport athlete… it’s never going to be boring!

Ryan Correy

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