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Ryan Correy February 15, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Soren Meeuwisse

When travelling, I am always super aware of my hydration. The airplane cabin is a very dry environment, that sucks away any moisture from your body that it may need for training/racing.

Part of being a competitive athlete is travelling, and travelling while trying to maintain optimal health despite jet lag, mental stress, and change in environment. Hydration plays a HUGE role in managing these levels where you want them! Not only should you drink a few cups of water per hour on a flight, but having the proper balance of electrolytes is also a big component of hydration. For this, the Hammer Endurolytes Fizz tablets have become my guru.

I am currently travelling to California from Toronto to spend 10 days down south in the warm weather and mountains to peddle out some big training days! Arriving already fatigued and dehydrated is the last thing I want to do, since every day I will be pushing my body’s limits and proper recovery is difficult all by itself. I depend on my large Nalgene, my Fizz tablets, (and of course the airplane washroom) to be able to arrive in Cali feeling fresh and ready to hit the hills!

Hammer Nutrition product have a “full spectrum” balanced electrolyte approach. Not only do they include the well-known sodium and potassium electrolytes, but also a range of other minerals that your body is dependent on. Another bonus is that the Fizz does not have the extra calories like in regular electrolyte sports drinks; the tablets are purely electrolyte with no refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. The Fizz tablets also make drinking water more exciting and enjoyable! It adds a slightly carbonated fizz and a tasty flavour, making for a good beverage. Personally, I love the mango and lemon lime flavours!

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