Event Review: Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Ryan Correy April 4, 2015 No Comments

By New Brunswick team member, Jane Snyder



Who has “Hammer”?

The Scotties Tournament of Hearts is a national competition for Ladies across Canada.

Each year, many teams set out to win the right to represent their province / territory at this prestigious event, which is held in February. The event has representatives from each province / territory in Canada, in all there are 12 teams that compete.

To win your provincial / territorial title is a combination of hard work and dedication. The hard work begins during the off season, where we dedicate our time to staying fit and proper nutrition so we can compete at this level. When the ice is ready for the season then much of our time is spent competing and practicing. Nutrition is essential for us to sustain our energy and mental awareness during such a long game. This is where Hammer Nutrition has helped us, as we maintain our hydration with the HEED Energy Drinks.

This was our first year together as a team, and we were proud to able to represent New Brunswick at the Scotties. Playing at this event is unlike any other, I have played in before. Typically, we play in a curling rink, where only the players are in the ice area. At the Scotties we play in an arena, so the crowd is in the ice area with us, cheering for their favourite teams, and the games are televised by TSN, so there are many distractions. Therefore, as a player you have to work even harder to concentrate on your team’s performance. Most days you need to play 2 games per day, each game takes about 2.5 hours to play. Again this is where fitness and nutrition is important because you play a lot of games in a short amount of time. Maintaining your hydration is vital, in this environment and we used HEED energy drinks.

Ironically, Hammer Nutrition is well named for the sport of curling. The hammer is a term used in our game, which means the advantage of throwing the last rock in an end. Hammer Nutrition certainly gave us the advantage in our game giving us the well needed energy required for the game that allowed us to compete at the National level. To answer the question of, “who has hammer?” we do.

Thanks Hammer Nutrition Canada!

Ryan Correy