Chocolate Recoverite: The Cold Weather Cure

Ryan Correy May 18, 2016 No Comments

By Athlete Ambassador, Soren Meeuwisse

This past weekend Mother Nature tested the summer mountain bikers with some winters weather and the second Ontario Cup showdown. The race was held at Duntroon highlands, and it was my last hard efforts and training race before heading to Europe the next day for World Cup races.

Leading into race day, it POURED for hours on end, and blowing snow froze us on the start line. Like some of the hard exams I had this year at university, this was weaning out the weaklings.


The race itself was mayhem… if you can even call it a mountain bike race.  It was more of a running race, pushing/carrying a bike weighing 60lbs because of the mud. I ran at least 75% of that course.

It was actually a blast once you got over the craziness of the situation!

Usually after a race, no matter how cold it is, even for Nordic skiing races in the dead of winter, you can feel completely comfortable wearing scary little clothing for the current temperature, until your race-induced body temperature and adrenaline begins to decline. However, after this race I crossed the line, CAKED in mud and desperate for warmth.


With my fingers feeling like wooden stubs from the cold, I grabbed my Hammer Nutrition Chocolate Recoverite powder, warmed up some almond milk and made the best cold-day recovery blend….. Hot chocolate!! The hot part coming from the almond milk, and the chocolate Recoverite satisfying my craving for chocolatey goodness. This is my cold weather cure

Ryan Correy

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