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Ryan Correy January 17, 2016 No Comments

Hammer Nutrition Canada has been a bit of a rebel in types of events that we choose to support. Historically, you haven’t seen us at anything that gets too much media attention – mass participation Ironman races, for example. The primary reason is that we don’t do cash sponsorships. If you want to have our products on course because you are a raving fan, then Hammer on! We otherwise have no interest in haggling over advertising rates.

Speaking on dollars and cents, it is important to remember that our products have a distinct value (event samples do not materialize out of the ethos). And with having to import Hammer from the U.S., the cost of goods has risen significantly due to the poor Canadian dollar. Excluding all other variables (including Health Canada certification costs), a $100,000 shipment from Whitefish, MT now costs us $145,360.00.

Now, if the average event was able to encourage 50% of their participants to see the value in top-notch endurance fuels and supplements, then this would be a mute point. But conversion is far lower. 3% would be a pleasant surprise to your average sponsorship coordinator. And thus, the unfortunate reality that outright Hammer sponsorships are not financially viable at this time.

The good news… 

We have come up with what I actually consider to be smarter long-term approach to sponsorship.

Moving forward, any event that inquires about support is eligible for a 50% discount (off MSRP) and an individualized promo code for their participants. There is no longer a formal application process. And like I said, any organizer can receive this offer, any time of the year.

We expect larger events to seek out what would traditionally be seen as a more “lucrative” offer. And in fact, we encourage them to do so. It is better to run an event sponsored by a competing product than no event at all.

For those in the niche arena, you now have access to a level of open support that is unheard of in the sport nutrition world. Beyond the aforementioned, I’m keen to get involved with talks, marketing your event through our online network, plus other creative value-adds.

Race organizers may contact me directly at

We look forward to working together!

Ryan Correy

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