All for One and One for All

Ryan Correy January 13, 2015 No Comments

ręceMany new goals, resolutions and ideas are top of mind for us all when a new year rolls around, especially for the athletes of the universe. We are planning out race schedules and training plans and establishing specific performance targets.

From time to time, however, we all need a little support in reaching even the best laid plans. A little accountability and encouragement can go a long way, no matter the experience, skill-level or ability of the recipient.

At Hammer Nutrition Canada, our team has put a new process in place to do just that. In our weekly team conference calls, we will now ask each other:

What are your athletic goals for the week?
What did you achieve last week that you are proud of?

It’s our accountability circle. And, while we are often accountable to personal and professional objectives in very different realms, we think we are pretty lucky to work with a team that honours both equally.

How do you stay accountable to your personal goals?


Ryan Correy