3 Ways to Consistent Training on the Track

Ryan Correy June 8, 2015 No Comments

by Athlete Ambassador, Sam Effah

Photo by Candice Ward

Photo by Candice Ward

I’ve found that one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is having consistent and quality training sessions. Currently I’m returning to my sport from an injury that took me completely off the track. Slowly, I’ve gotten back into sprinting, and with the assistance of coaches, training partners and therapists ill be back to my old self in no time. Devices like the Anti-gravity treadmill have made this transition easier, although I’ve noticed that the simplicity of being diligent and consistent has been the underlying factor in my recovery and level of performance.


Building up a strong base and getting into race shape are factors that occur with consistent and quality training. One challenge I have always been faced with is my restricted functional movement. Limited flexibility coupled with inefficient movement patterns has hindered me in reaching my full potential. Working on correct running technique and base movements has helped me become a more efficient runner. Working from the bottom up – the basics, have shown me an important lesson in staying healthy. Being able to move correctly has enabled me to open up my stride, thus moving more freely and covering more ground on runs.


Nutrition has played a key role in the effectiveness of my recovery. Training sessions fueled by a balanced meal in the morning set the tone for my day. As a high performance athlete I can be in the gym or on the track anywhere from 15-25 hours a week. Key factors in my success nutrition wise are hydration, pre and post training meals and monitored food portion sizes. Between high intensity sessions on the track and in the weight room I often consume Hammer protein bars (which contain 20 grams of protein). It’s a quick source of food and I can easily digest the bars with no issues. In high volume phases or on particularly warmer temperature training sessions, I often use Endurolytes (Fizz). It helps to combat cramping and conveniently dissolves in water for quick consumption. I continue to use Hammer Nutrition products as I get closer to competition race shape. I’ve made it a goal for myself to keep track of my nutritional intake and ensure consistency by using a daily journal.


Training at the high performance Centre in Toronto has given me the opportunity to work with some of the best professionals in Canada. Through a combination of massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractic work, treatments assist me in consistently training at a high quality on the track. I respond well to post training massages, and find it as an effective remedy for recovery. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s important to limit the amount of therapy done. I’ve found that more treatment isn’t necessarily better, and in some cases can hinder training and performance.

Consistency in training is key in keeping a healthy body, and the difference between being able to bounce back after quality training sessions and feeling lethargic. I’ve found that with a strong balance of nutrition and treatment, I’ve been able to perform at a high intensity on a regular basis.

I’m excited to keep you posted as I get closer to compete and push towards representing Canada at the 2016 Olympic Games, keep an eye out for future posts!

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